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The mission of St. Columba’s Credit Union is to provide a democratically controlled service for its members, based on equality, equity, mutual self help and the operating principles of the Credit Union movement.”


Our vision of St. Columba’s Credit Union in three to five years time, is one that encompasses sustained growth of the business. It will enable people to empower themselves, with a Credit Union that has effective internal and external communications, services that are modernised, and with a streamlined infrastructure.

A Credit Union that provides education, training, and development for all members. One that is led by a dynamic Board and Staff that plans for the future with the youth of the common bond. Also a Credit Union that includes continuous reality checks along the way enabling continuing growth and vitality.


St Columba’s Credit Union is at all times committed to maintaining an environment that encourages and supports the right of everybody to their dignity. The Directors, Supervisors, Volunteers, Management, Staff, Members and all Stakeholders, are expected to recognise the right of everybody, irrespective of their individuality and diversity, to dignity in their work environment and in all their activities with St Columba’s.

Our policies, procedures and actions underpin this principle, which contributes to a more professional work environment within our Credit Union. We expect that the Board of Directors, Management and Staff will lead by example on this matter, not only in respect of their own behaviour, but also in response to the behaviour of others.


“Not for profit, not for charity, but for service”

That’s the Credit Union Motto. Credit Union membership provides so much more than your average financial institution. As a not-for-profit institution, we return profits to our owners (i.e. YOU) in the form of better rates, services and products. So unlike traditional financial institutions, we’re working for you.

St. Columba’s was founded in 1963 making us the first Credit Union in Galway. Life for the credit unions began with an office in a caravan back in the early days. Today we have four branches, Mervue Credit Union,  Galway Sopping Centre Credit Union, Eyre Square Credit Union and Oranmore Credit Union. We are one of the largest Credit Unions in Galway and our members’ preferred financial institution.

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